Ball Bearing Batten Car System

 Series 30mm, Track


  •  Convenient track mounting slugs (standard profile track)

  Product No. Desc. ABCDWeight Price RRP
 RC1301-2.0 RC1301-2.0 Standard profile, 2000mm L* 30.016.0--1689 $ 210.10
 RC1301-3.0 RC1301-3.0 Standard profile, 3000mm L* 30.016.0--2530 $ 315.15
 RC1301-6.0 RC1301-6.0 Standard profile, 6000mm L* 30.016.0--5020 $ 634.46
 RC1301J RC1301J Joiner ----7 $ 11.23
 RC1302-2.0 RC1302-2.0 Luff groove profile, 2000mm L* 30.019.554.012.02534 $ 299.97
 RC1302-3.0 RC1302-3.0 Luff groove profile, 3000mm L* 30.019.554.012.03795 $ 449.94
 RC1302-6.0 RC1302-6.0 Luff groove profile, 6000mm L* 30.019.554.012.07530 $ 879.63
 RC1302J RC1302J Luff groove profile, joiner ----5 $ 14.11
 RC1309-0.4 RC1309-0.4 Gate, 400mm L* 30.016.0--341 $ 34.38
 RC1309-0.4L RC1309-0.4L Luff groove, Gate, 400mm L* 30.019.554.01/2512 $ 39.88
 RC13081 RC13081 End stop 55.059.0--150 $ 112.20

* Silver track available - Order as RCxxxxxxxS


Convenient track mounting slugs are available for fitting standard profile track to the luff groove of existing masts.

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For details of which track mounting slugs suit which boat/rig click here


  • Monohulls to 23m (75ft) or sail area 120 m2 (1292 ft2)
  • Multihulls to 17m (56ft) or sail area 93 m2 (1001 ft2)


  Range Description
309 Batten Car System Track Mounting Slugs,  Batten Car System