Series 19 C-Track & Slides

Sailors of small dinghies such as the Tasar, or catamarans like the Hobie 16, will find the new Ronstan Series 19 C-Track to be a simple, lightweight and reliable system with a myriad of uses both on and off the boat.

The Series 19 is an update of Ronstan's proven small boat track and slide systems. The brass slides of the earlier series have been replaced with glass-fibre reinforced polymer and the track is now alloy instead of stainless steel. This means the fittings are only half the weight of the earlier system but provide identical load capacities. The composite slides also have lower friction when running in the track.

  • Spring-loaded plunger stops allow fast, positive positioning of track slides
  • Slides are available with swivelling cleat and fairlead to suit different crewing positions
  • RC91942 features a small camcleat and fairlead and suits line sizes 2-8mm (3/32-5/16")
  • RC91941 RopeGlide ring ‘soft’ attachment which allows up to 250° rotation.
Series 100, single Core Block

Ronstan's range of sailing watches are perfect on a wide variety of craft, from single-handed dinghies to fully-crewed keelboats. Among the features that have made them the number one choice are the extra large digits which make seeing the count-down easy, a re-sychornisation function that allows you to '"catch up" if you miss the first preparatory signal and a choice of start sequences such as match racing and fleet modes.

There are three colours available to ensure the watches can be worn as fashion accessories as well as functional sailing chronometers.

The new RF4055 50mm Sailing Watch joins the original Race Timer in the ClearStart™ range, which also includes dress watches and the compact 40mm women's and youth models.

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  • Durable, ultra-clear mineral crystal lens
  • Comfortable and secure silicon band
  • Glass fibre reinforced nylong case
  • 50mm(2") diameter face
  • Oversized 13mm (1/2") digit display
  • Textured easy-find buttons
  • Stainless steel buckle with silicon band retainer
  • Stainless steel back
  • Weight 73g (2.6oz)
50mm ClearStart Watches

Series 100 Core Blocks

Series 100 extend the "true all round solution" mandate of the Ronstan Core Blocks up in to the 16m (50 footer) boat range. The self-lubricating, heavy -duty bearing system provides excellent performance across the full working load range and is complimented by an integrated thrust bearing feature providing the resilience to handle high dynamic or static loads. A fibre-reinforced nylon sheave, alloy cheeks and stainless fixings complete the durable package.

For reliability and a long service life, these blocks are the right choice for sheets, halyards and control line applications for cruising and racing.

  • Dynamic and high static load performance
  • Aluminium alloy cheek plates
  • Universal head
  • Removable pins suit pre-spliced lines
  • Fully articulated stand-up
  • 3,250kg (7,150 lb) M.W.L.
Series 100, single Core Block

Series 15 Ball Bearing Utility Blocks

  • Smallest and lightest ball bearing blocks available – sheave diameter 15mm (5/8")
  • 13 block configurations with tailored accessories which provide even more options
  • 120kg, 260 lb MWL (single block)

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  • Precision moulded acetal sheave running on stainless steel ball bearings provides high performance and low friction.
  • Shackle and soft-attachment compatible
  • Ideal for control lines, vangs, cunninghams, shock cord tensioning systems etc on dinghies and OTB catamarans to 5m (16ft)
Series 15 Ball Bearing Utility Blocks

RF6 Cleat Base

  • Ball bearings support the cleat arm. An integral stop prevents over-rotation, but can be removed to allow full 360° rotation.
  • The cleating angle can be set in one of two positions – use the included riser kit for a higher cleating angle – see the SUPPORT section for full user instructions.
  • A switchable ratchet in the base allows the cleat arm to remain in its most recently used position.
  • The ratchet can be turned off for free swivelling.
  • Includes small C-Cleat™ cam cleat and fairlead, suitable for line sizes 2-8mm (3/32 - 5/16") diameter.
  • Suits traditional shackle head blocks and Dyneema® link head Orbit Blocks™.
  • Mainsheet systems on dinghies to 4.5m (15ft).
RF6 Cleat Base

Dinghy PFD2

Ronstan is pleased to introduce our new Type 2 Personal Floatation Device! Developed by sailors, for sailors. Complies with Australian Standard 4758:2015 Level 50 and the latest Australian Sailing 2017-2020 Special Regulations Part 2 for Off-the-Beach boats. Now available, in Australia only, in Junior size and Adults XS-XL.

  • Sculptured buoyancy panels for reduced bulk
  • Meets the requirements for Australian Sailing 2017-2020 Special Regulations Part 2 for off-the-beach boats
  • Complies with Australian Standard 4758:2015 - Level 50
  • Easy-don side entry with adjustment straps and 'zip and clip' closure
  • Elasticated waist with internal grip band to reduce ride-up
  • Flexible, low profile side panels for increased range of movement
  • Gusseted front pocket with hook-and-loop closure
  • Vivid colour and reflective piping for increased visibility
  • Sizes: JNR (child) and XS, S, M, L, XL (adult)
Type 2 Personal Floatation Device (PFD)

Type 10 Turnbuckles

From their clean lines to the use of the highest grade materials and quality finish, Ronstan Type 10 turnbuckles are engineered to deliver performance while enhancing the appearance of any yacht, or tensile project.

Type 10 closed body turnbuckles have a sleek, modern profile with no sharp edges. They are easily adjusted by turning the unique adjustment nut, which is free to rotate within the sleeve on the turnbuckle body, and are secured with a quick turn on the locking nut. A sight hole is provided in the body to verify adequate thread engagement. With fine thread and single end adjustment, Type 10 turnbuckles are much easier to adjust than conventional turnbuckles, and the use of dissimilar but compatible metals for the threaded components avoids the risk of thread seizure. Toggles are designed with full lateral articulation for easy installation and connection compatibility.

Type 10 Turnbuckles

RopeGlide Fairleads

Compact and lightweight fairleads for the deflection of sheets, halyards and control lines. RopeGlide™ Fairleads feature elliptical hole design, providing high tolerance for rope alignment variation and easy line threading. Smooth hard coat anodised finish available in 12mm single, double & triple and 16mm single versions for optimum deck layout.

  • Compact, lightweight and low friction
  • Elliptical hole design tolerates alignment variations, makes threading lines easy
  • Simple and reliable design
  • Low maintenance.

Low Friction Fairleads

Large Continuous Line Furlers

Ronstan continuous line furlers for racing or cruising now come in two new larger sizes. Both offer standard furling for straight-luff sails such as Code 0, Screecher or Staysail, or can be combined with a top-down adapter for use with soft-luff sails such as coded asymmetrics, Reacher, Runner or Gennaker sails. Series 200 and 280 Furlers are easily adapted from standard to top-down, making them versatile and cost effective.

  • Standard and Top-down options
  • Advanced Drum Technology
  • Maintenance free main bearing system
  • Quick continuous line installation and removal system requires no tools.


Continuous Line Furlers

Low Friction Rings

  • Compact & lightweight
  • Low friction
  • Deep, secure lashing groove
  • Durable
  • Simple & reliable design
  • Low maintenance

A result of trickle-down from Grand Prix yacht racing Ronstan's range of Low Friction Rings provide an outstanding strength to weight solution where the absolute minimum friction of a ball bearing block is not required. That being said, the performance difference between well and poorly executed versions of these simple products is marked. The basic appearance of the Ronstan Low Friction Ring range belies an exacting development process that investigated, tested and delivered optimised performance in strength, weight, friction, line wear and security.

Ronstan Low Friction Rings are machined from high grade aluminium with a durable low friction anodised coating and are available in three sizes to suit lines up to 14mm (9/16").

Common applications for Ronstan Low Friction Rings on racing and cruising yachts:

  • Jib leads
  • In-haulers
  • Backstays
  • Vangs
  • Lazy jacks
  • Furling line leads


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Low Friction Rings


Series 45 Core Blocks

Core Blocks™ are a true all round solution. A tuned 2-stage bearing system provides excellent performance across the full working load range with an integrated thrust bearing feature and the resilience to handle high dynamic or static loads. Acetal & aluminium sheave options, alloy cheeks and stainless fixings complete the durable package. For reliability and a long service life, these blocks are the right choice for sheets, halyards and control line applications for cruising and racing.

  • Universal Bearing - Dynamic and high static load performance
  • Acetal & aluminium sheave options
  • Aluminium alloy cheek plates
  • Universal head
  • Suits pre-spliced lines
  • Fully articulated stand-up.

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Available in four colour options - blue, green, grey and red with several attachment options, including webbing, pigtail, lashing and dyneema links, it will be the obvious choice for those kitesurfers, paragliders, control line deflections and purchase systems that require a lightweight high load capacity block./p>

The applications are unlimited, including kitesurfing, paragliders, sports kites, power kites, stunt kites, depower kites, traction kites, for deflection or purchase system on control lines

  • Performance & versatility
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Ultra compact
  • Durable
  • Colour coded
  • Impact resistant
  • Small line optimised
  • High load capacity
  • Poor alignment tolerant
  • Soft attachment compatible
  • Grit & salt resistant.

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SHOCK - The Sheaveless Block


Power, Performance & Intuitive Operation

The Ronstan Quick-Lock™ is the quickest and most user friendly winch handle available for racing
and cruising sailors alike. In addition to its super fast grab-and-release mechanism for foolproof single handed removal, it is the only handle to feature the patented auto quick-locking mechanism that lets you put the handle in the winch without depressing a lever or rotating a knob – it couldn’t be easier!

Quick-Lock Automatic Insertion

Ronstan Quick-Lock allows you to immediately place the drive head into the winch socket, without the need to rotate a knob or depress a button. Its stainless steel locking lever then retains the handle securely in place until you are ready to remove it.

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Quick-Lock™ Winch Handles