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A Personal Meteorology Station

The rugged and electronic-free Vaavud™ wind meter turns your smartphone into a high-tech meteorological tool. With a design inspired by professional cup anemometers it is accurate, practical and truly pocket friendly with its compact two cup design. The Vaavud™ wind meter has a one piece durable plastic rotor and low friction PTFE bearing. Reliability and long service life are assured through the use of revolutionary electronic-free technology, communicating directly with the magnetic field sensor in your smartphone.

The Vaavud™ App measures and displays wind speed in a popular units of measurement. It has a neat and clean interface that shows the most important wind characteristics: actual, mean and max wind speeds. The smoothed graph provides additional data on variations in strength as well as a quick overview. The graph supports both drag and pinch to zoom so data can be viewed in fine detail.

A live map gives you access to measurements made by other Vaavud users around the globe within the past 24 hours. You can zoom in to pinpoint the reading location and tapping on a map measurement reveals further details and other nearby measurements.

The Vaavud wind meter can also be used to input measurements to the Weendy app, the world’s fastest-growing community-based weather network.

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Compatible with smartphones and tablets

The Vaavud™ wind meter application works on iOS or Android smartphones. The electronic-free signal transfer utilises the magnetic field sensor, often called a digital compass, in your phone or tablet. To be able to detect high wind speed this sensor requires a high update/refresh frequency. The following devices have been confirmed as capable with the Vaavud™ wind meter and App, and will function across the full working wind range.

Manufacture Model
Apple iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6Plus
Apple iPad 2, 3 & 4 generation, mini 1, 2, iPad Air, Air 2
Samsung, Sony, Asus, Verizon,
HTC, Motorola, Huawei,
LG, OnePlus
Galaxy S2, S3, S4 + more.....

The Vaavud™ Team is constantly adding to the list of Android compatible devices. See the Vaavud™ Knowledge Database to get the most up to list and other useful information.

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The Vaavud™ wind meter has a wind range from 4 knots up to 48 knots (2 m/s up to 25 m/s). Accuracy is the least of +- 4% or 0.4 knots (0.2 m/s) with testing and calibration confirmed in the professional wind tunnel at the Technical University of Denmark. The cup anemometer design makes the Vaavud™ less sensitive to the way it is pointed; a weakness in impeller type wind meters.

Testing the Vaavud Wind Meter

What our users and the media are saying about Vaavud™

Sailing Anarchy (USA)
“Easy connection, low price, no electronics? Sign us up.”

TechCrunch (USA)
“…it’s smartly executed, well-built and elegantly designed… If you think you need a Vaavud, don’t hesitate to go ahead and get one“

Wisconsin Storm chasers (USA)
“We at Wisconsin Storm Chasers have one, and we love it“

Gizmodo (USA)
“...what makes Vaavud smart is its durability. People who need a meter regularly—from surfers to scientists to sailors—are usually using it in extreme conditions. It’s a brilliantly simple way to use the smartphone’s onboard sensors”

Vaavud Strength

Samsung Galaxy S2 Magnet Insert Replacement

If you have a Galaxy S2, you will need to change over the four magnet insert of your Vaavud™ wind meter with the two magnet insert included in the box. This video shows you how it is done.

Note, this may apply to certain other phones as well. For an updated list see