outhaul #1

Basic 2:1 internal outhaul system. Lower RF20711 and V-cleat are positioned along the boom, as required for crew access. RF5106 features an integral fairlead which retains sheet when uncleated. Max Line Size = 6mm (1/4")
VARIATIONS: Run line through clew eye and fix at boom end to increase purchase to 4:1.

outhaul #2

7:1 internal system, utilising Series 20 Ball Bearing blocks for maximum power and minimum friction. Tail is led out of boom to RF5 swiveling cleat for ease of operation from either side of the boat. Suitable for performance dinghies through to sports boats. Max Line Size = 6mm (1/4")

Outhaul 1 Diagram Backstay

Spinnaker 1 diagram

Outhaul 2 Diagram Backstay

Spinnaker 2 diagram

outhaul #3

Powerful 14:1 internal/external system suitable for 'bolt-roped' or loose footed sails. Features a webbing strop through the clew eye, lead to internal block purchase system, exiting the underside of the boom and secured via a cam cleat. Suitable for trailerable yachts, sports boats and keel boats to 8m (26ft).

Outhaul 3 Diagram Backstay

Outhaul 3 diagram
*Systems depicted on this website and their application to certain types and sizes of craft are SUGGESTED only. Conventional rig sizes, sail plans and displacments are assumed, and suitability for actual application should be checked with the appropriate yacht designer, naval architect or rigger as required.