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$ 17.14

 Series 20 Ball Bearing

Orbit Block™


  • Low friction
  • Consistent performance
  • 2-Stage ball bearing system
  • Suits up to 10mm (3/8") webbing or RF9003-07 Dyneema link
  • Hollow hub for becket take-off

Sheave Ø20 mm
Max. Rope Ø5 mm
Max. Cable Ø mm
Pin Ø mm
M.W.L.200 kg
B. L.400 kg
Weight14 g

Product Information



  • Leech / control lines
  • Cunninghams


  • Sheave: high compression strength carbon black Acetal
  • Frame:/Cheeks: Toughened, glass fibre reinforced Nylon
  • Load straps and ball bearings: Grade 316 stainless steel