Orbit Blocks

 Series 100mm


  •  The highest strength-to-weight ratio
  •  Minimal friction loss, especially when working at high loads
  •  Captive ball bearings for side thrust loads
  •  Totally reliable and trouble free performance
  •  Simplicity of design and construction to facilitate maintenance and servicing
  •  Elegant, functional styling and finish.

  Product No. Desc. Sheave ØMax. Rope ØMax. Cable ØPin ØM.W.L.B. L.Weight Price RRP
 RF109100 RF109100 Single, universal head 10014-8.030006500492 $ 623.13
 RF109100A RF109100A Single, universal head 1001610.042508500720 $ 759.28
 RF109106A RF109106A Single, swivel eye for stand up 1001615.54000*8000*740 $ 978.29
 RF109108 RF109108 Halyard, screw pin head 10014-12.0*30006500391 $ 573.93
 RF109108R RF109108R Runner 10014-16.030006500425 $ 962.50
 RF109109 RF109109 Strop Block 1001430006500492 $ 663.37
 RF109109A RF109109A Single, lashing block 10016--550013750450 $ 1,098.19
 RF109110 RF109110 Single, becket, universal head 10014-8.030006500530 $ 708.09
 RF109110A RF109110A Single, becket, universal head 1001610.042508500790 $ 956.76
 RF109140 RF109140 Single, stand-up, 90 deg. 10014--20004000600 $ 745.36
 RF109151 RF109151 Single foot 10014--30006500447 $ 597.64
 RF109200 RF109200 Double, universal head 10014-10.0425085001030 $ 1,252.21
 RF109209 RF109209 Double strop block 10014-42508500 $ 918.23
 RF109251 RF109251 Double, foot 10014--3000*6500*821 $ 1,273.55
 RF109500 RF109500 Spreacher 100 + 7514-8.030006500702 $ 1,102.79


Orbit blocks™ are a no-compromise product range developed to meet the demands and expectation of the very dedicated and increasingly professional racing sailor. Side cheeks incorporating head structure and hub are precision machined as a single part from solid alloy, leaving material only where it contributes to the load carrying capacity of the block and eliminating the need for additional fasteners. The Orbit sheave has captive Acetal or Torlon® ball bearings for side thrust loads, eliminating the need for side retainer plates. This reduces weight and allows for a wider bearing surface that can accommodate longer Torlon® needles – achieving a substantially higher strength-to-weight ratio.


  • Primary mainsheet, halyard and spinnaker systems on boats to 16m (53ft)
  • Secondary mainsheet, vang blocks on boats to 18m (60ft)
  • Backstay systems on boats to 14m (46ft)
  • General control line and lead block applications on larger yachts


  • Fully machined Alloy cheek plates
  • Alloy sheaves with captive ball races
  • Torlon® needle rollers
  • Carbon black Acetal ball bearings