Continuous Line Furlers

Top Swivels


  •  Series 80, 120 & 160 top swivels feature snag-free low profile shackle pin heads
  •  Series 200 & 280 top swivels feature a fork/fork configuration for snag-free operation and direct halyard soft eye attachment
  •  Series 200 & 280 top swivels feature a fast pins to facilitate easy changeover of sails sharing a common furler set
  •  Maintenance free, factory sealed main bearing systems
  •  Full dimensioned technical drawings and user instructions can be found under the SUPPORT tab on the Ronstan website

  Product No. Desc. Weight Price RRP
 RS208010 RS208010 Series 80, top swivel 134 $ 206.75
 RS208015 RS208015 Top Swivel cover, suits RS208010 7 $ 30.80
 RS212010 RS212010 Series 120, top swivel 204 $ 412.50
 RS212015 RS212015 Top Swivel cover, suits RS212010 10 $ 33.00
 RS216010 RS216010 Series 160, top swivel 382 $ 589.05
 RS216015 RS216015 Top Swivel cover, suits RS216010 15
 RS220010 RS220010 Series 200, top swivel 748 $ 1,485.00
 RS220015 RS220015 Top Swivel cover, suits RS220010 18 $ 37.40
 RS228010 RS228010 Series 280, top swivel 1750 $ 1,773.20
 RS228015 RS228015 Top Swivel cover, suits RS228010 25 $ 39.60


Maintenance Free Bearing System

Furlers and top swivels feature a factory sealed, maintenance free bearing. Roller bearing sets run on hardened races for smooth high load performance. Easy continuous line installation and removal. The continuous furling line is easily fitted and removed from the furler, so it can be left on deck when the sail and furler are stowed below.

Secure & flexible attachment options

Furlers and top swivels have retained clevis pins and top swivels have a snag-free low profile shackle pin head. Attachment options include quick release pins, high resistance shackles, snap shackles, fairleads and torsion rope thimbles. The furling line guide can be adjusted to suit either 0 or 90 degree attachment as required to match the take off alignment and deck layout.


  • Grade 17-4 forged stainless steel shackles
  • Grade 316 stainless steel fasteners
  • Grade 2205 stainless steel shaft and pins
  • Swivel jaws


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  Keelboat Continuous Line Furlers Standard Furlers,  Keelboat Continuous Line Furlers
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