Ball Bearing & Slide Rod Traveller Systems

 Series 42mm, Cars


  •  Low profile
  •  Lightweight alloy car bodies

  Product No. Desc. LengthQty. BallsM.W.L.B. L.Weight Price RRP
  mm kgkgg  
 RC14205 RC14205 Orbit car, integrated link/lashing eye 14522004400531
 RC14212 RC14212 Shackle, 2 control sheaves 355.0136420084002700 $ 2,178.99
 RC14214 RC14214 Car, single block take-off,single 60mm (2 3/8") roller ball bearing control sheaves 270300060001820
 RC14215 RC14215 Car, 2 x block take-offs, double 50mm (2") control sheaves 340450090002225
 RC14215A RC14215A Tandem car, pivoting bridge plate with take-off points for mainsheet and control line blocks 4856700134004800
 RC14217 RC14217 2 control sheaves 335.0156300060002620 $ 2,487.72
 RC14218A RC14218A Car, stirrup with 2 x 125mm (5") orbit sheaves, single 75mm (3") Orbit control line sheaves 4355000100007200
 RC14219 RC14219 2 control sheaves 465.01885000102005550 $ 4,182.64
 RC14230 RC14230 Genoa, 100mm sheave 275.0108350070002875 $ 2,287.95
 RC14231 RC14231 Genoa, 125mm sheave 275.01084500100003200 $ 2,119.04
 RC14231A RC14231A Genoa car, towing lug 300350070002950
 RC14231B RC14231B Genoa car, towing lug 3005000100003450
 RC14232 RC14232 Genoa, 150mm sheave 300.01185000100004300 $ 2,462.46
 RC14234 RC14234 Genoa, 125mm sheave 315.01285000100004400 $ 2,592.13
 RC14236 RC14236 Genoa car, towling lug, stainless steel block 280400080003680
 RC14236A RC14236A Genoa car, towling lug, stainless steel block 2805500110004600
 RC14241A RC14241A Outhaul car, 20mm (13/16") clew pin 280450090003250
 RC54230 RC54230 Genoa, 100mm sheave 230.0-350070002300 $ 1,942.39
 RC54230A RC54230A Genoa, 125mm sheave 2305000100002790 $ 2,156.00
 RC54232 RC54232 Genoa, 150mm Sheave 290.0-6000120004000 $ 2,539.99
 RC54240A RC54240A Car, Sliderods, padeye top & plunger stop 205350070001100
 RC54247 RC54247 Halyard tail system, Sliderod car, includes 2 x plunger stops and 2 x attachment lugs, 1560mm (61 13/32") special track, 2 x low profile end stops 280400080004300
 RC54241 RC54241 Outhaul 205.0-350070002050 $ 3,530.59


Car bodies are machined to precise specifications, then honed to an exceptional finish before being treated and anodised for maximum corrosion protection. Stainless steel elements are put through a special high energy finish process to achieve a uniquely smooth edge and surface finish.


  • Genoa sheet systems on boats to 25m (82ft)
  • Mainsheet systems on boats to 24m (78ft)
  • Multihull mainsheet systems on boats to 19m (62ft)
  • Self tacking jib systems on boats to 20m (65ft)


  Range Description
039f Ball Bearing & Slide Rod Traveller Systems Series 42mm, Control Ends,  Ball Bearing & Slide Rod Traveller Systems
040f Ball Bearing & Slide Rod Traveller Systems Series 42mm, Track,  Ball Bearing & Slide Rod Traveller Systems