Cam Cleat

Carbon Fibre C-Cleat™


  •  Design, materials selection and advanced manufacturing methods combine to deliver superior strength and holding power, light weight and corrosion resistance.
  •  Cam profile and mult-coil spring minimise line entry and release effort.
  •  Carbon fibre compoasite cam material provides maximum resistance to heat and abrasion.
  •  Unique self-cleaning, self-lubricating slotted bearings ensure consistent high performance even when subjected to high static loads.

  Product No. Desc. Rope ØHeightWidthLengthFastener ØFastener Hole CentresM.W.L.B. L.Weight Price RRP
 RF5000 RF5000 Small, grey 2 - 820.024.048.0M427.07515020 $ 29.00
 RF5010 RF5010 Medium, grey 3 - 1226.031.066.0M538.012525050 $ 34.10
 RF5020 RF5020 Large, grey 6 - 1635.041.088.0M651.0230460110 $ 64.11
 RF5400 RF5400 Small, black 2 - 820.024.048.0M427.07515020 $ 29.00
 RF5400B RF5400B Small, blue 2 - 820.024.048.0M427.07515020 $ 29.00
 RF5400G RF5400G Small, green 2 - 820.024.048.0M427.07515020 $ 29.00
 RF5400R RF5400R Small, red 2 - 820.024.048.0M427.07515020 $ 29.00
 RF5400Y RF5400Y Small, yellow 2- 820.024.048.0M427.07515020 $ 29.00
 RF5410 RF5410 Medium, black 3 - 1226.031.066.0M538.012525050 $ 34.10
 RF5410B RF5410B Medium, blue 3 - 1226.031.066.0M538.012525050 $ 34.10
 RF5410G RF5410G Medium, green 3 - 1226.031.066.0M538.012525050 $ 34.10
 RF5410R RF5410R Medium, red 3 - 1226.031.066.0M538.012525050 $ 34.10
 RF5410Y RF5410Y Medium, yellow 3 - 1226.031.066.0M538.012525050 $ 34.10
 RF5420 RF5420 Large, black 6 - 1635.041.088.0M651.0230460110 $ 64.11
 RF5420B RF5420B Large, blue 6 - 1635.041.088.0M651.0230460110 $ 64.11
 RF5420G RF5420G Large, green 6 - 1635.041.088.0M651.0230460110 $ 64.11
 RF5420R RF5420R Large, red 6 - 1635.041.088.0M651.0230460110 $ 64.11
 RF5420Y RF5420Y Large, yellow 6 - 1635.041.088.0M651.0230460110 $ 64.11


Intensive development efforts have produced this range of cleats that provide unbeatable holding power, yet are designed for easy cleating and releasing of control lines in every application and load condition. Through the use of advanced composites, these cleats achieve superior performance while overcoming the limitations of metal alloys. Ronstan cam cleats are strong, light and corrosion free. The unique tooth profile and cam geometry are designed to grip without damaging the rope. A multi-coil spring recessed in the upper part of the cam generates near constant torque. This constant torque ensures secure cleating of even the smallest lines with minimal abrasion or rope wear and low line entry and exit efforts. The lightweight ultra rigid carbon fibre composite cams of the c-cleat are corrosion free, suffer virtually no tooth wear and are non rope abrasive.


  • Range of cleats for all requirements including control lines, jib sheet and mainsheet cleating


  • Carbon fibre composite cams
  • Long strand glass fibre reinforced polymer base
  • PTFE impregnated Acetal slotted bearing
  • Stainless steel multi-coil spring


  Range Description
063 Cam Cleat Accessories Cam Cleat Accessories