Tiller Extensions


  •  Lightweight and strong construction
  •  Tapered Carbon Composite Tube
  •  Quick fitting universal joint for accurate helm response

  Product No. Desc. Tube ØGrip ØLengthWeight Price RRP
 RF3128C RF3128C Carbon Fibre - Tapered, fixed length 2025610108 $ 91.31
 RF3129C RF3129C Carbon Fibre - Tapered, fixed length 2225840137 $ 95.57
 RF3130C RF3130C Carbon Fibre - Tapered, fixed length 23251030155 $ 100.31
 RF3135C RF3135C Carbon Fibre - Tapered, fixed length 24251255179 $ 107.03
 RF3137C RF3137C Carbon Fibre - Tapered, fixed length 25-2500310 $ 172.02


Lightweight & Strong

The dual laminate construction has been precisely engineered for minimum weight, without sacrificing the durability required to meet the rigours of modern sailing. A combination of full length longitudinal and 45° lateral glass and carbon fibres balances optimum stiffness with extra resilience to resist breakage.

Tapered Carbon Composite Tube

The tapered design maximises rigidity and strength at the helmsman’s end for positive feel and resistance to breakage over the gunwale when things get ugly.

Urethane Universal Joint

The universal joint in high grade, U.V. resistant urethane provides smooth, uniform articulation and flexibility in all directions for a quick and firm response to steering movements. The snap-on base cover allows quick fitting and removal of the tiller extension from the fixed base for ease of transport, storage or security. A curved surface adapter is available for mounting on round tiller sections.

The Right Length

Carbon Battlesticks™ are available in five standard lengths from 610mm to 2500mm (24" to 98") to suit virtually any class or personal preference. The 2500mm (98") RF3137C does not include a grip and end cap to facilitate cutting of the tube to a custom length if required.



  • Carbon - Tapered
  • Urethane Universal Joint