Product No. Desc. Cable ØB. L.Weight Per Metre Price RRP
 WR6119-1.5M WR6119-1.5M 305m (1000ft) Reel 1.51800.011 $ 88.26
 WR6119-2.5M WR6119-2.5M 305m (1000ft) Reel 1.5530 $ 196.66
 WR6119-03M WR6119-03M 305m (1000ft) Reel 3.07600.045
 WR6119-04M WR6119-04M 305m (1000ft) Reel 4.013500.079
 WR6119-05M WR6119-05M 305m (1000ft) Reel 5.021200.124
 WR6119-06M WR6119-06M 305m (1000ft) Reel 6.030200.178
 WR6119-07M WR6119-07M 305m (1000ft) Reel 7.041200.243
 WR6119-08M WR6119-08M 305m (1000ft) Reel 8.053800.317
 WR6119-10M WR6119-10M 305m (1000ft) Reel 10.084200.495
 WR6119-12M WR6119-12M 305m (1000ft) Reel 12.0121300.713
 WR6119-14M WR6119-14M 305m (1000ft) Reel 14.0165100.971
 WR6119-16M WR6119-16M 305m (1000ft) Reel 16.0215001.270


B.L. ratings are for standard Ronstan mill ordered, and stocked wire. From time to time wire may be sourced from other suppliers and ratings may vary.