Ballslide Trackless Batten Car System

 Series 8mm, Cars


  •  Captive
  •  Low profile
  •  Lightweight alloy car bodies

  Product No. Desc. ABCDEWeight Price RRP
 RC28160 RC28160 Headboard $ 558.78
 RC28161 RC28161 Headboard $ 644.77
 RC28163 RC28163 Intermediate $ 201.48
 RC28166 RC28166 Batten $ 221.65
 RC28169 RC28169 Batten, quick release $ 352.58
 RC28460 RC28460 Headboard $ 558.78
 RC28461 RC28461 Headboard $ 644.77
 RC28463 RC28463 Intermediate $ 201.48
 RC28466 RC28466 Batten $ 221.65
 RC28469 RC28469 Batten,quick release $ 352.58
 RC28181 RC28181 End stop 54.045.0---35 $ 54.98


Patented system uses low profile cars running on twin races of Torlon ball bearings. Cars use the existing luff groove of the mast (no track or installation work required). Ball bearings are captive for easy loading and unloading of cars from mast. They can be easily switched between fully battened and “soft luff” mainsails. Minimum distance from mast to mainsail luff enhances mainsail efficiency.

Ballslide™ Car Profile Identification Table>


  • Monohulls to 18m (60ft) or sail area 60 m2 (646 ft2)
  • Multihulls to 13m (43ft) or sail area 48 m2 (517 ft2)


  • Alloy car bodies
  • Torlon® ball bearings


  Range Description
325 Ballslide Trackless Batten Car System Car Feet/Membranes,  Ballslide Trackless Batten Car System