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A new software update for MAX has been released. Version v1.4.3 has a number of improvements and several bug fixes over the previous version based on customer requests.

What's new in V1.4.3?
- Improved battery charging feedback
- (Premium) Cyclops Bluetooth Loadcells
- (Premium) Inferred Wind readings for your boat directly on MAX
- Avoid invalid first measurement from Calypso
- Wind readings from Sailmon cloud are now obsolete
- Sailmon App accessible on iPad and Mac (M1 chip required)

If your MAX is running an older version than v1.4.1, you will need to update the device manually.
Go to Menu > System > Check for updates.
Before starting, make sure MAX has been paired with your phone or is connected to Wi-Fi.


Visit the Sailmon website.

Visit site


Sailmon has extensively updated the MAX manual. With the simplicity of the device itself, the recently published video tutorials below and the guide, sailing with MAX should be a breeze. Be aware that the manual is updated regularly, thanks to software updates and imnprovements.



Physical Properties

MAX is designed for the dinghies and sportboats. Because they primarily sail during the day, there is no red-light function.

MAX is 100% waterproof and 100% wireless. It has no batteries, no charging ports. Weíve included Wifi, Bluetooth and inductive charging to make sure it is truly waterproof, without compromising on features.

All day battery life 16 Ė 17h with everything turned on.

You charge MAX using inductive charging. There is a charger included in the box.

Height: 93mm
Width: 118,5mm
Depth: 22mm

Live Data

Go to Menu > Pages > add page. Here you can choose the data you would like to see. You can change the value by holding the middle top button.

Although GPS is not allowed in all classes, MAX can still be used for shift tracking, heading, heel and pitch. You can prove in the Sailmon App when you turned off your GPS and when you turned it back on.

In the Sailmon App you can find the data from your sailing trip. You can download it as a CSV and GPX file.

Yes, thatís possible, but you need to use Sailmon NaVlink interface plus an NMEA2000 depth sensor on an NMEA2000 or NMEA0183 network. A speed sensor can also be added in the same way.

Yes, thatís possible, but only when MAX is connected to our Ultrasonic Wind Sensor or NMEA. You will receive Apparent Wind Speed and Apparent Wind Angle from the sensor and MAX calculate TWA, TWS and TWD.

The accuracy of MAX is 0.3 meter. Under ideal conditions.

When your MAX and phone are in a Bluetooth range, it is possible to see the data live via the Sailmon app.

Heading, Heel, Pitch
Position, SOG, COG
Augmented AWA, AWS
Augmented TWA, TWS, TWD
Unlimited data logging

Countdown timer
Distance to line
Estimated distance from line at start
Line bias
VMG calculation
Instant session report
Instant rankings
Value added data from Sailmon cloud
non GPS mode
NMEA input for depth, wind and speed.**Interface sold separately.
Wind graphic
BLE wind* (*sensor sold separately)


We deliver the flat surface mount in the box. There are multiple rotating brackets available. Please contact max@sailmon.com for more information.

There are two standard mounts: a flat surface screw mount (included in the box) and a GoPro mount (not included in the box).

Sailing App/Data Analytics

Go to the track you would like to download in the app, press the little 3 dots and download the data.



Go to system info, here you can find your MAX serial number, software version, communication, and data to send.

Connect MAX with Wifi via System > connections > Network, go to check for updates.


To built your Wind Graphic, go to pages and build a new page. Change the value layout by pressing the middle top button until you see Ďwindí in the layout.

Get in touch with MAX@sailmon.com, send you sailing resume and your motivation to be considered a MAX ambassador.