Basic 3:1 Vang system suitable for use on small dinghies to 3m (10ft) in length. Incorporates integral V-Jammer cleat.
MWL = 300kg (660 lb)
Max Line Size = 6mm (1/4")


4:1 variation of the previous system providing a little more purchase if needed. Fiddle blocks ensure clean free running system without cross overs. MWL = 300kg (660 lb)
Max Line Size = 6mm (1/4")

Vang 1 Diagram Backstay

Vang 1 Diagram

Vang 2 Diagram Backstay

Vang 2 Diagram


Compact 4:1 small dinghy vang system. Lower profile achieved through use of side-by-side double blocks and integral V-Jammer cleat.
MWL = 375kg (820 lb)
Max Line Size = 6mm (1/4")


The next extension of the Vang #3 system, providing 5:1 purchase in a compact format, with integral V-Jammer. This option provides an increased MWL or can simply be utilised to ‘lessen the load’.
MWL = 450kg (990 lb)
Max Line Size = 6mm (1/4")

Vang 3 Diagram Backstay

Vang 3 Diagram

Vang 4 Diagram Backstay

Vang 4 Diagram


Introducing a ‘cascade’ block to the Vang #4 system really boosts the purchase power of this economical vang system. The cascade doubles the purchase to 10:1, whilst insuring friction is kept to a minimum. These days low stretch Spectra, instead of wire is used for the doubling line, avoiding the need for swaging. This system is ideal for small dinghies to around 4m (13ft) in length.
MWL = 300kg (660 lb)
Max Line Size = 6mm (1/4")


Using a double cascade, this system delivers an impressive 20:1 mechanical advantage! And with its 850kg (1870 lb) MWL it will easily cater to the needs of even high performance dinghies and trailerables. Due to the high load delivered by the second cascade, a wire line is utilised.
MWL = 600kg (1320lb)
Max Line Size = 6mm (1/4")

Vang 5 Diagram Backstay

Vang 5 Diagram

Vang 6 Diagram Backstay

Vang 6 Diagram


A great ‘off the shelf’ vang system that delivers 6:1 purchase with maximum performance for small to mid sized dinghies. Minimal friction is delivered through the use of Series 20 Ball Bearing blocks, and positive cleating is provided by our world renowned T-Cleat. All packaged in a super compact format due to the use of triple blocks.
MWL = 400kg (880 lb)
Max Line Size = 6mm (1/4")


This system uses a cascade, once again, to double the purchase of the basic system, to 12:1. This added purchase allows full use of the 450kg (990 lb) MWL by reducing the maximum line load to around 30-40kg (65-90 lb), making it suitable for larger dinghies and even some trailerables.
MWL = 450kg (990 lb)
Max Line Size = 6mm (1/4")

Vang 7 Diagram Backstay

Vang 7 Diagram

Vang 8 Diagram Backstay

Vang 8 Diagram


The ultimate performance dinghy vang system, delivering 24:1 power through a double cascade applied to the basic 6:1 block system. Endless primary line to cam cleats allows control from either side of the boat when hiking or trapezing. Popular on boats including 14’ and 16' Skiffs, it is also ideal for performance trailerables and sports boats. Dyneema® (or Vectran® if you want the best) doubling lines are utilised for minimum weight and stretch under high load. MWL = 450kg (990 lb)
Max Line Size = 6mm (1/4")
VARIATIONS: Use Series 30 Orbit Blocks™ in lower section if 8mm (5/16") line is desired.

VANG #10

Basic 8:1, double cascaded vang system, featuring ratchet block with integral cam cleat. Suitable for trailerable yachts and small keel boats (popular on J24's). By using the double cascade rather than a continuous line, a fast and responsive system results, that requires a minimum amount of line for adjustment.
MWL = 500kg (1100 lb)
Max Line Size = 9mm (5/16")

Vang 9 Diagram Backstay

Vang 9 Diagram

Vang 10 Diagram Backstay

Vang 10 Diagram

VANG #11

Powerful 28:1 system, popular on sports boats and keel boats to around 9m (30ft). It features a Series 30 Orbit triple block which has its head connected directly to the Ratchet block with cam cleat.
MWL = 500kg (1100 lb)
Max Line Size = 8mm (5/16")
VARIATIONS: Replace upper RF40101HL with an RF50100HL if a higher MWL of 800kg (1760 lb) is required.

VANG #12

12:1 keel boat vang system that allows control from the cockpit on either side of the boat. Lines are lead back around each side of the coach house to RF58 swiveling cam units, making it popular for short handed sailing. Suitable for cruiser/racers to 11m (36ft).
MWL = 850kg (1870 lb)
Max Line Size = 10mm (3/8")
VARIATIONS: Can be used in conjunction with a solid vang on yachts up to 12m (40ft). The RF104 is generally replaced by a sheave built into the upper strut of the solid vang.

Vang 11 Diagram Backstay

Vang 11 Diagram

Vang 12 Diagram Backstay

Vang 12 Diagram

VANG #13

Standard 4:1 vang system for 8-10m (26-33ft) cruising yachts. Clean layout, low maintenance and absolute reliability.
MWL = 400kg (880 lb)
Max Line Size = 8mm (5/16")
VARIATIONS: To fully utilise MWL replace the RF41530 with an RF41510 and lead through a rope clutch to a winch.

VANG #14

Powerful 16:1 system suitable for use on cruiser/racers up to 11m (36ft). Double cascade ensures quick adjustment with minimal sheet play.
MWL = 1500kg (3300 lb)
Max Line Size = 10mm (3/8")
VARIATIONS: Replace Series 40 All Purpose with Series 50 Ball Bearing blocks for higher performance, low friction system. Replace Series 40 All Purpose blocks with Series 50 All Purpose blocks for an ultra durable, low maintenance system with 12mm (1/2") sheet capacity.

Vang 13 Diagram Backstay

Vang 13 Diagram

Vang 14 Diagram Backstay

Vang 14 Diagram

VANG #15 & 16

Heavy duty 4:1 and 8:1 keel boat systems, suitable for use on boats to 10m (30ft). Selection of system based on winch capability. Systems use CORE Blocks™ and AP Blocks with highload sheave bearings for maximum durability and low maintenance. MWL = 1000kg (2204lb)

Vang 15 &16 Diagram Backstay

Vang 15 & 16 Diagram
*Systems depicted on this website and their application to certain types and sizes of craft are SUGGESTED only. Conventional rig sizes, sail plans and displacments are assumed, and suitability for actual application should be checked with the appropriate yacht designer, naval architect or rigger as required.